Battle for the Character of our City

Dr. Herman J. Najoli
5 min readDec 25, 2020

Intro by Mrs. Danyetta Najoli

On a cold wintry day with a mix of rain and snow, Dr. Herman Najoli embraces the legendary Roman farmer, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, as he launches a new campaign. This location, on the grounds of Sawyer Point at Yeatman’s Cove in Downtown Cincinnati, with the Central Business District to the right and the Ohio River flowing to the left, enables Dr. Najoli to invoke a legendary statesman, as he challenges Cincinnatians to lead (and lean) into the future. This is about nine minutes in length.

Remarks by Dr. Herman Najoli

Hi. This is Dr. Herman Najoli. I am a citizen of Cincinnati and an educator. I live on the Westside — Price Hill to be exact. Friends, our city is named after Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. He was a simple Roman farmer but became a great statesman. After an invasion, he was approached and asked to lead the army to battle. Lucius accepted the call and he led the army to a swift victory over the invaders. Six months later, he relinquished power. In doing this, he demonstrated that public service should only be for the greater good. Not for profit. Not for power. And certainly, not for self. That is why the founders of our city saw it fit to name this city after Cincinnatus. He was humble, modest, and had great character.

It has therefore been painful for me, a simple citizen, to see the reputation of our city ruined over the past few months. Awful decisions by people in power are NOT a style of leadership but the exposure of folly in individuals who are in it for profit and for self-advancement. We have seen these individuals engage in the most stunning betrayal of public trust ever seen in the entire history of our city. It is therefore right that these persons be kicked out of public service and others be elected who have feet that are prepared to serve with diligence and dedication. Feet that are marked with excellence and virtue. It is time for new leadership. We will not capture a new vision for our city with the same people running that have always run. It is time for new feet. We cannot continue to tolerate the corruption that these individuals engage in as they betray the public trust.

In this city, trust is not given, it is earned! And these people have demonstrated to us that they DO NOT deserve our trust!

Some of you have said that Murray Seasongood is rolling in his grave. You are right. And I would add that even Major David Ziegler, our first Mayor, is deeply ashamed. Theodore M. Berry, our first African American Mayor is absolutely puzzled. Even George B. Cox is flabbergasted. Cincinnatians, I see this, and the only thing in my mind is ‘What would Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus do?’ What would Lucius do?

I am standing by the statue of the man to inform you that if Lucius were here today, he would step up and lead. I am here to announce that we are launching a battle for the character of our city. Yes! It is time to establish Cincinnati as the character city. Our city needs an organizational leader who will guide it out of this winter of grim chaos and lead into a summer of significance. It is time to reimagine our future. It is a new day! Fellow Cincinnatians, here is what this means, …

I am entering the race to be the next Mayor of Cincinnati. Just as Rome was invaded during Cincinnatus’ time, our city has been invaded by corruption. Cincinnatus achieved a quick victory and relinquished power six months later. Friends, I do not need two terms for us to win this battle for our city. I need only one term. Make no mistake about it, in one term we will eliminate the dysfunction and graft that is invading our city! Cincinnatians, with your help, we will win this battle and bring about a new reputation for our city as the character city.

Fellow Cincinnatians, I am standing on top of a five-legged table which represents how I will lead — above the table, not under the table! Friends, it is time to erase the awful stain (and toxic stench) of under-the-table dealers and embrace a new era of above-the-table leaders. This table represents the five letters in the word CINCY. Leg 1 represents our campaign platform. Leg 2 represents our identity as a city. Leg 3 represents Najoli for Cincy now. Leg 4 represents my character statement as I run for Mayor. And the center leg is the stump of a tree. It represents your choice in 2021. The key to winning this battle for the character of our city will be your choice in 2021! Go to and read more about this vision. Please, share this vision with your family and friends. I will be bringing this table to every neighborhood to share our vision for Cincinnati as the character city.

Friends in 2021 I am asking you to make a great choice: Najoli for Mayor.

Cincinnatians, I beseech you, support this campaign. I implore you, join Najoli for Cincy. Friends, it is time to take a stand with Cincinnatus and with Najoli! Choose this day to stand with me. Go to and download your copy of my platform. It is the most comprehensive platform provided by any of the candidates in this race. And please support our campaign with a donation, so that we can take our message to the seven hills of Cincinnati and beyond. Go to Friends, we cannot let corruption invade our city. Make no mistake about it. We can win this battle. Regular citizens, not career politicians, can save the day. You and I can save the day.

You and I will win this battle — for our city’s character. You and I will establish a new reputation — for our children’s legacy. You and I will end the corruption at City Hall — for the good of our public life. We will be fair and just — for our families’ prosperity. We will bring about change — for our citizens to thrive. We will rise and lead — for our future as a city!

I am fired up and ready. It is time to do what is right for our city. Friends, in 2021 let us vote Najoli for Mayor — One Term Only! … Thank you!



Dr. Herman J. Najoli

R.E.A.L. educator. Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership. Father, Friend, Futurist. Fan of People. Nonprofits. Service.